Microsoft.Web.Media.Diagnostics Namespace

Class to contain diagnostic information about media events.


  Class Description
Public class AdvancedLoggingPlugin Posts advanced logs to a server that by default will upload a log every 30 seconds.
Public class CircularList<T> (Deprecated. Do not use) Implements a circular list. The caller defines maximum length when the list is constructed. When the list reaches the maximum, adding additional elements will cause the oldest element to be removed.
Public class TraceEntry Class that specifies points at which trace control requests are made.
Public class Tracing Class of utilities that provide tracing and debugging routines.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TraceArea Enumeration that specifies the feature area from which a trace message originates, as shown in the following member table.
Public enumeration TraceDestination Enumeration that specifies destinations for trace data.
Public enumeration TraceLevel Enumeration that specifies the severity of a trace event.