Core Infrastructure Optimization Implementer Resource Guide: Basic to Standardized


The vision of infrastructure optimization is to build an efficient, secure, and optimized information technology (IT) infrastructure and services in a logical sequence. An optimized IT infrastructure is built upon IT standards and ensures conformation to those standards. With each level of optimization, the IT infrastructure also brings about significant cost reduction, increased security, and improved availability and manageability.

This is the first of three resource guides explaining key IT capabilities necessary to move from one of four defined levels of IT services to the next more efficient and streamlined level of services. This document briefly describes each of the four levels, and explains each capability in the Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization Model. It then introduces high-level concepts for planning, building, deploying, and managing these capabilities and provides links to relevant resources where more detailed and actionable content can be found. You can use the information contained in this guide to help you move from the Basic level to the Standardized level.

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