Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.UsbClient Namespace

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Provides applications with tools to connect devices over a USB port.


  Class Description
Public class Configuration Contains a collection of USB port descriptors.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .ClassDescriptor Holds a descriptor that specifies the USB device class.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .ConfigurationDescriptor Describes the properties of a device connected to a USB port.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .Descriptor Contains the USB descriptor.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .DeviceDescriptor Holds USB device descriptor information.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .Endpoint Contains a USB endpoint descriptor.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .GenericDescriptor Specifies the descriptor request issued by the host and the descriptor that is returned in response to the host request.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .StringDescriptor Specifies a USB string descriptor.
Public class Configuration. . :: . .UsbInterface Contains an interface for a USB port as defined in the USB specification.
Public class UsbController Represents the USB controller.
Public class UsbStream Represents a USB stream.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration UsbController. . :: . .ConfigError Specifies the errors that can occur when configuring a USB port.
Public enumeration UsbController. . :: . .PortState Specifies the current state of a USB port.