Reflection.AssemblyMemoryInfo Class

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Represents the runtime memory requirements of an assembly for the type system.

Inheritance Hierarchy

System. . :: . .Object

Namespace:  Microsoft.SPOT
Assembly:  Microsoft.SPOT.Native (in Microsoft.SPOT.Native.dll)


Public Class AssemblyMemoryInfo
public class AssemblyMemoryInfo
public ref class AssemblyMemoryInfo
type AssemblyMemoryInfo =  class end
public class AssemblyMemoryInfo

The Reflection..::..AssemblyMemoryInfo type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Reflection. . :: . .AssemblyMemoryInfo Initializes a new instance of the Reflection..::..AssemblyMemoryInfo class.



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  Name Description
Public field AssemblyRef The total size of assembly references, in bytes.
Public field AssemblyRefElements The number of assembly reference elements.
Public field Attributes The total size of attribute elements, in bytes.
Public field AttributesElements The number of attribute elements.
Public field ByteCode The byte code size, in bytes.
Public field FieldDef The field definition size, in bytes.
Public field FieldDefElements The number of field definition elements.
Public field FieldRef The total size of field references, in bytes.
Public field FieldRefElements The number of field reference elements.
Public field MetadataSize The size of the metadata, including the method implementation, in bytes.
Public field MethodDef The method definition size, in bytes.
Public field MethodDefElements The number of method definition elements.
Public field MethodRef The total size of method references, in bytes.
Public field MethodRefElements The number of method reference elements.
Public field RamSize The runtime memory overhead of the application due to the type system.
Public field Resources The total size of resources, in bytes.
Public field ResourcesData The size of resources data, in bytes.
Public field ResourcesElements The number of resource elements.
Public field ResourcesFiles The total size of resource files, in bytes.
Public field ResourcesFilesElements The number of resource elements.
Public field RomSize The ROM memory size of the application, in bytes.
Public field Signatures The total size of signatures, in bytes.
Public field StaticFields The total size of static fields, in bytes.
Public field Strings The total size of strings, in bytes.
Public field TypeDef The type definition size, in bytes.
Public field TypeDefElements The number of type definition elements.
Public field TypeRef The size of type references, in bytes.
Public field TypeRefElements The number of type reference elements.
Public field TypeSpec The size of type specifiers, in bytes.
Public field TypeSpecElements The number of type specifier elements.


Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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