MFUpdateSubType Enumeration

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Provides values that represent MFUpdate sub types for an update.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SPOT.MFUpdate
Assembly:  Microsoft.SPOT.Update (in Microsoft.SPOT.Update.dll)


Public Enumeration MFUpdateSubType
public enum MFUpdateSubType
public enum class MFUpdateSubType
type MFUpdateSubType
public enum MFUpdateSubType


Member name Description
None None
FirmwareUpdate_CLR Firmware update CLR
FirmwareUpdate_DAT Firmware update DAT
FirmwareUpdate_CFG Firmware update CFG
AssemblyUpdate_NEW Adds a new assembly to the deployment sector.
AssemblyUpdate_REPLACE_DEPLOY Replaces the entire deployment sector with the assemblies in the update.
UserDefined User-defined


These values must match the native code implementation of the MFUpdate component.

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