Managing Your Team Using Visual SourceSafe

Visual SourceSafe was designed to facilitate and promote coordination in teams with members who often need to work on the same files at the same time. This section describes how you can maximize the team coordination potential of Visual SourceSafe. It contains topics that introduce team concepts and provide step-by-step instructions for performing team-related tasks, such as setting up a shared database and establishing shadow folders.

Most of the tasks described in this section are intended for the team manager, who should be designated as a database administrator. However, at the manager's discretion, the tasks can be performed by other team members who have appropriate Windows and Visual SourceSafe access permissions.

In This Section

  • Securing a Database
    Introduces procedures for securing a shared database so that only database administrators be able to maintain the database.
  • Introducing Visual SourceSafe
    Provides an introduction to Visual SourceSafe by describing how the product works and defining its main operations.