Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms Namespace

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The Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms namespace contains classes for programming device applications using the.NET Compact Framework.


  Class Description
Public class BalloonChangedEventArgs Provides data for the BalloonChanged event.
Public class DocumentList Represents a Pocket PC control for displaying and managing documents in a consistent way.
Public class DocumentListEventArgs Provides data for the DeletingDocument and DocumentActivated events.
Public class HardwareButton Allows overriding the functionality of Pocket PC hardware buttons.
Public class InputMethod Provides the name and class ID for a member of the InputPanel.InputMethodCollection class for a Pocket PC. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class InputModeEditor Provides access to Smartphone input methods for entering text.
Public class InputPanel Controls the soft input panel (SIP) for entering data on Pocket PCs and other Windows Embedded CE-based devices. 
Public class InputPanel.InputMethodCollection Provides access to all input method software installed on a Pocket PC. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class LogFont Defines the characteristics of a font for creating rotated text effects.
Public class MessageWindow Provides the ability to send and receive Windows-based messages.
Public class MobileDevice A class for a containing events for mobile devices.
Public class Notification Implements Windows CE functionality for displaying and responding to user notifications.
Public class ResponseSubmittedEventArgs Provides data for the ResponseSubmitted event.
Public class SystemSettings Provides access to user interface settings and native Windows Embedded CE operating system settings on a device.


  Structure Description
Public structure Message Implements a Windows-based message.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate BalloonChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the BalloonChanged event of a Notification.
Public delegate DocumentListEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DocumentActivated event, DeletingDocument event, or SelectedDirectoryChanged event of a DocumentList.
Public delegate ResponseSubmittedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ResponseSubmitted event of a Notification.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration HardwareKeys Specifies the hardware buttons on a Pocket PC that can be accessed by the HardwareButton class.
Public enumeration InputMode Specifies the input modes that can be set on the Smartphone using an InputModeEditor.
Public enumeration LogFontCharSet Specifies the character set of a font.
Public enumeration LogFontClipPrecision Specifies the precision for clipping characters.
Public enumeration LogFontPitchAndFamily Specifies categories of fonts.
Public enumeration LogFontPrecision Specifies the output precision.
Public enumeration LogFontQuality Specifies the quality of a font.
Public enumeration LogFontWeight Specifies the weight of a font.
Public enumeration ScreenOrientation Specifies the angle of the orientation of the device screen that can be accessed by the ScreenOrientation property.
Public enumeration WinCEPlatform Specifies platforms that are based on Windows Embedded CE.