Install R Server 9.1 on the Cloudera distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH)

Looking for the latest release? See Machine Learning Server for Cloudera installation

Cloudera offers a parcel installation methodology for adding services and features to a cluster. If you prefer parcel installation over the regular install script used for deploying R Server on other Hadoop distributions, you can use functionality we provide to create the parcel.

If you've used parcel installation in previous releases of Microsoft R Server, the 9.1.0 release is enhanced in two respects. First, instead of using pre-built parcels downloaded from Microsoft, you can generate your own parcel using a new script. Secondly, we added support for Custom Service Descriptors (CSDs), which means you can now deploy, configure, and monitor R Server in CDH as a managed service in Cloudera Manager.

The new revised workflow for parcel installation is a two-part exercise:

Download and unpacking the distribution remains the same. Instructions are included in Part 1.

Feature restrictions in a parcel installation

R Server includes two packages, MicrosoftML and mrsdeploy, that either cannot be included in the parcel, or included only if the underlying operating system is a specific platform and version.

  • MicrosoftML is conditionally available. The package can be included in the parcel if the underlying operating system is CentOS/RHEL 7.x. If CDH runs on any other operating system, including an earlier version of RHEL, the MicrosoftML package cannot be included.

  • mrsdeploy is excluded from a parcel installation. This package has a .NET Core dependency and cannot be added to a parcel.

The workaround is to perform a manual installation of individual packages. For instructions, see Manual package installation.

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