Parent property

Returns the object or collection that contains the specified object or collection. Read-only.

Applies to

Collections:  AddIns, Adjustments, DataRanges, DataSets, Directions, Fields, FindResults, PlaceCategories, SavedWebPages, Shapes, Symbols, Toolbars, Waypoints

Objects:  Application, DataMap, DataRange, DataSet, Direction, DriverProfile, Field, FillFormat, Hyperlink, LineFormat, Location, Map, PageSetup, PlaceCategory, Pushpin, Recordset, Route, SavedWebPage, SelectedArea, Shape, StreetAddress, Symbol, Toolbar, Waypoint




Part Description
object Required. An expression that returns a collection or object in the Applies to list.


To view the entire MapPoint object hierarchy, see the About the Microsoft MapPoint object model topic.

This table shows the parent for every object and collection in the MapPoint object model:

Collection/Object Parent
AddIns Application
Adjustments Shape
Application Application
DataMap DataSet
DataRange DataRanges
DataRanges DataMap
DataSet DataSets
DataSets Map
Direction Directions
Directions Direction, Route, or Waypoint
DriverProfile Route
Field Fields
Fields DataSet or Recordset
FillFormat Shape
FindResults Map
Hyperlink Pushpin
LineFormat Shape
Location Map
Map Application or MappointControl
MappointControl none
MapPointUtilities none
PageSetup Map
PlaceCategories Map
PlaceCategory PlaceCategories
Pushpin DataSet
Recordset DataSet
Route Map
SavedWebPage SavedWebPages
SavedWebPages Map
SelectedArea Map
Shape Shapes
Shapes Map
StreetAddress Map
Symbol Symbols
Symbols Map
Toolbar Toolbars
Toolbars Application
Waypoint Waypoints
Waypoints Route


    Sub GetParentOfMapObject()

    Dim objApp As New MapPoint.Application     Dim objMap As MapPoint.Map
    'Create the Map object and set up application     Set objMap = objApp.ActiveMap     objApp.Visible = True
    'Parent of the Map object is the Application object     MsgBox objMap.Parent.DefaultFilePath   End Sub