RoutePageBreakDistance property

Returns or sets the interval at which page breaks should be inserted when printing a route, in GeoUnits (miles or kilometers). Setting RoutePageBreakDistance forces the RoutePageBreakFrequency property of the PageSetup object to geoPageBreakDistance. Read/write Double.

Applies to

Objects:  PageSetup




Part Description
object Required. An expression that returns a PageSetup object.


To return or set GeoUnits, use the Units property of an Application or MappointControl object.


    Sub PrintPageEveryFiveMiles()

  Dim objApp As New MapPoint.Application   Dim objMap As MapPoint.Map   Dim objRoute As MapPoint.Route
  'Set up the application   Set objMap = objApp.ActiveMap   Set objRoute = objMap.ActiveRoute   objApp.Visible = True   objApp.UserControl = True
  'Create a route   objRoute.Waypoints.Add objMap.FindResults("Seattle, WA").Item(1)   objRoute.Waypoints.Add objMap.FindResults("Redmond, WA").Item(1)   objRoute.Calculate
  'Print a page for every 5 miles   objMap.PageSetup.RoutePageBreakFrequency = geoPageBreakDistance   objMap.PageSetup.RoutePageBreakDistance = 5   objMap.PrintOut PrintArea:=geoPrintDirections
  End Sub

Note  This sample code is specific for use in MapPoint North America; it is for illustration purposes only.