ExportForPocketStreets method

Exports the given area as a file ready for use in PocketStreets. If the object is Map, this method exports everything in the current view. If the object is SelectedArea, this method exports everything in the current selection.

Applies to

Objects:  Map, SelectedArea


object.ExportForPocketsStreets(fileName As String)


Part Description
object Required. An expression that returns either a Map object or a SelectedArea object.
fileName Required String. This is a string that defines the file to be created and must be an explicit, complete path and end in .mps (for example, "C:\SomeFile.mps"). A second file with the same name—but with an extension of .psp—may be used. This file would contain the pushpins for the selected location (if applicable). If either file already exists, an error is thrown.


There is a limit to the number of grids that can be exported. If an attempt is made to export too many, an error will be thrown.


    Sub ExportForPocketStreets()

  'Assumes that g_Map is already defined. Takes two locations,   'and then exports the area defined to the given file for use in   'Pocket Streets.
  Sub ExportAreaToPocketStreets(firstLocation As location, _       secondLocation As Location, filename As String)     g_Map.Union(Array(firstLocation, secondLocation)) .GoTo     g_Map.ExportForPocketStreets(filename)
  End Sub