About automatically updating a Web page

Each time you save changes to your map file, you can automatically update Web pages saved from and therefore associated with that map file. You can enable the AutoSave feature when you first save your Web page or when you change a saved Web page by selecting the AutoSave as Web page every time this map is saved check box in the Save as Web Page dialog box.

When you next save changes to your map file, the AutoSave message appears, giving you the following choices:

This option Has this result
Disable the AutoSave as Web feature while this map is open Does not update your Web page with any changes saved to the map file during the current session. The next time the map file is opened, the AutoSave feature is once again enabled and this message will appear the first time you save changes to the map file.
Enable the AutoSave as Web feature Updates your Web page with any changes you save to your map file. This message will not appear again during the current session, but it will appear the next time you open and save changes to your map file.

Note  The map view on a Web page is not changed when you change the map view in the map file.

Do not show this message again This option is available only if you first select Enable the AutoSave as Web feature. It suppresses this message from appearing for the open map file, as well as any other map file.

You can also use the Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks feature to automatically start MapPoint, update links for a specified map file, and save changes to associated Web pages (if the AutoSave feature is enabled). For help with scheduling tasks, click Start Windows Start button and then click Help.


To reactivate the AutoSave message, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then select the Show AutoSave message on Save check box.

There may be certain circumstances when you want to disable the AutoSave feature, such as when adding confidential or sensitive information to a map. You can disable the AutoSave feature temporarily while making changes to a map file or permanently for a particular Web page.

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