Enabling Location Finder

The first time that MapPoint detects the availability of Wi-Fi networking capability—either the first time you start MapPoint on a Wi-Fi–enabled computer or the next time you start the application after installing Wi-Fi networking capability—MapPoint displays a dialog box indicating that you can use Location Finder to center the map on your current position when the program starts. Click Yes to use Location Finder, or click No to open the program without using Location Finder. If you select the Save this setting and do not show this dialog again check box before clicking either Yes or No, then MapPoint uses the setting you chose each time. You can change this setting in the Options dialog box.

To turn Location Finder on or off later

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options to display the Options dialog box.
  2. Select or clear the Center map on my location (if available) when application starts check box.
  3. Click OK to save the setting, or click Cancel to return to MapPoint without changing the setting.

Note  When you are using a GPS receiver with MapPoint and you enable Start GPS Tracking in the GPS task pane, Location Finder is disabled automatically.

Updating Location Finder

The first time in each session that you use Location Finder while connected to the Internet, MapPoint checks to see if an update exists for the Location Finder or the database of known Wi-Fi access points. If one or both has been updated since you installed MapPoint , you are prompted to download the update. Click Yes to download or No to continue using Location Finder without updating.

About Location Finder

See your current location by using Location Finder

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