Find a place using latitude and longitude coordinates

  1. On the Edit menu, click Find, and then click the Lat/Long tab.

  2. In Latitude, type the latitude of the place you want to find in either decimal degrees or degrees/minutes/seconds (DMS) format.

  3. In Longitude, type the longitude of the place you want to find in either decimal degrees or DMS format.

  4. Click Find, and then click OK.

    Note  When you find a latitude and longitude coordinate, MapPoint creates a Pushpin on your map. You can add text to the Pushpin balloon and rename the Pushpin. These Pushpins are automatically stored in a Pushpin set called My Pushpins and saved with your map.


DMS coordinates can be entered in any of the following ways, where D is a single letter that indicates direction (N for north, S for south, E for east, or W for west):


dd mm ss.sD


If you are entering coordinates in decimal format and the location is south of the equator or west of the prime meridian, express the latitude or longitude as a negative value; for example, –15.75 degrees latitude or –64.25 degrees longitude.

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