Find places around a route

  1. Open a map that contains a route.


  2. On the Tools menu, click Find Nearby Places.

    – or –

    On the Standard toolbar, click Find Nearby Places Find Nearby Places button.

  3. Click Show or Hide Places.

  4. Click the Restaurants or Places tab.

  5. Select the check box next to each category of restaurant or place that you want to see on the map, and then click OK.

    Tip  To quickly select just a few categories, click Uncheck All, and then select the check box next to each category that you want to see on the map.

  6. In the Search box on the Find Nearby Places pane, select the radius in which you want to search.

  7. In the Around list, select what the search should be centered on.

    Note  The route segments and stops on your route appear by name. You can also center a search around the entire route, a selected instruction in the Directions pane, or your current location if you are using a GPS device or Location Finder. To find places around a specific line of instructions, double-click the instruction in the Directions pane to select that route segment on the map. Then select Selected driving instruction in the Around list.

  8. In the Sort list, select whether you'd like to see the results listed in alphabetical order by name or by distance (how far they are) from the selected point on the map.

  9. Click Search to display a list of nearby places.

  10. Click a place name in the results list to see its location on the map.


MapPoint has information, such as the address and telephone number, for many points of interest. To display this information, click Show Information  Show Information button while the place name is selected in the results list.

With MapPoint, you also can view points of interest on an Windows Live Local map. Click Show in Windows Live Local  Show in Windows Live Local while the place name is selected in the results list.

To add a place that you found as a stop on your route, select the place name in the results list, and then on the Route menu, click Add as Stop.

Find a place on the map

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