Schedule your average driving day

  1. On the Route menu, click More Options.

  2. On the Profile tab, under Average driving day, type or select the time you want to begin driving each day in the Start driving at box.

  3. In the End driving at box, type or select the time you want to stop driving each day.

  4. In the Flexibility box, select the amount of time you're willing to continue driving each day in order to reach the next stop on your route.

    Note  Setting flexibility helps prevent MapPoint from creating an automatic rest stop or overnight stop just before you reach what could reasonably be the last stop of the day.

  5. Click OK.


If you have already created a route, MapPoint automatically changes the driving directions to reflect your changes.

If your route includes a ferry crossing right near the end of your driving day, MapPoint extends your day to include the ferry crossing. If you don't want to extend your day, add an overnight stop near the ferry terminal.

The trip duration (the total elapsed time for driving, rest stops, and time spent at stops) is listed in the Summary section of the Directions pane. If your route includes a ferry crossing that extends your average driving day, the part of the crossing that goes beyond the normal end of day is not included in the trip duration.

Schedule stops on your route

Schedule automatic rest stops