Export and copy a map for Microsoft Pocket Streets

To use a MapPoint map with Pocket Streets, you must export a map from MapPoint, and then copy it to your Pocket PC.

Export a map for Pocket Streets

  1. Adjust the map view so that the area of the map you want to export is visible.

  2. On the File menu, click Export Map for Pocket Streets.

    Note  Any Pushpins that are included in the selected area are also exported; however, the maximum length of both the title and body of the text that appears in the Pushpin balloon is 128 characters. Also, none of the additional fields selected in Pushpin properties will be exported.

    A window appears telling you the approximate file size for the map area you've selected. Be sure you have enough space available on your Pocket PC for the map you're exporting. Consult the documentation that came with your Pocket PC if necessary.

  3. Click OK.

    The file creation process may take several minutes, depending on the speed of your system.

Copy an exported map to your Pocket PC

  1. Connect your Pocket PC to your desktop computer.

  2. On your desktop computer, double-click the Microsoft ActiveSync icon, and then click Explore.

    Windows Explorer opens showing the Mobile Device folder for your Pocket PC.

  3. Use Windows Explorer to locate any map (.mps) or Pushpin (.psp) files that you exported for use with Pocket Streets.

  4. Copy these files to a folder in the Mobile Device window for your connected Pocket PC.


    If you are copying files to a Pocket PC, you must copy the files to My Documents.

    If you are copying files to a compact flash card, you must first create a My Documents folder on the compact flash card, and then copy the files to that folder.

    Working with files stored on a compact flash card is slower than with files stored on your Pocket PC.

    If the map you exported contains Pushpins, a corresponding Pushpin (.psp) file is also created. Both the map and Pushpin files must have the same file name and be copied to the same folder on your Pocket PC.