Add a stop by dragging a route segment

Before you begin, you must have a route displayed on your map. For more information, Create a route by using the Route Planner.

  1. Move your cursor over the route you want to change.

    The cursor changes to a small hand when it is positioned over the route.


  2. Click and hold the segment of the route where you want the new stop, and then drag the cursor to the location where you want to add the new stop.

    A dotted line stretches from the current route to wherever you drag.


  3. Release the mouse button.

    Your route snaps, or is redrawn, to include the new stop, and subsequent stops are renumbered.

  4. Gg649927.NASelectStop(en-us,MSDN.10).jpg


  • If you select your route on the map and then decide not to add a stop, press ESC.

  • The new stop is added as an intermediate stop on your route and does not replace the existing start or end point. If you want to make the new stop a start or end point, reorder the stops in the Route planner.

  • If you don't like the placement of your new stop, you can zoom in to see more detail, click the numbered box on the map, and then drag the stop to another location. MapPoint automatically regenerates your route.


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