Optimize the stops on your route

When you optimize stops on your route, MapPoint reorders the intermediate stops on your route so that your travel time between the start and end points is the most time efficient.

  1. On the Route menu, click Route planner.

    – or –

    On the Standard toolbar, click Route planner Gg650057.ALLRouteButton(en-us,MSDN.10).jpg.

  2. Create a route with at least four stops.


    Note   If you do not designate a start or end point for your route, MapPoint makes the first stop the start point and the last stop the end point.

  3. Click Optimize stops.

  4. Click Get directions.

Note   If you already have directions for your route, you don't need to click Get directions. MapPoint automatically recalculates the route and displays the new directions.

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