Reverse your route

After you have created a route, you can easily reverse that route with the click of a button. You can use reverse route to get back to your starting point without having to create another route.

When you reverse a route:

  • The start of the route becomes the end of the route.

  • The end of the route becomes the start of the route.

  • All waypoints between the start and end are reordered in reverse order.

Route options that you have selected do not change when the route is reversed. However, scheduled stops for the route are reset based on the new order. Directions are also recalculated.

Before you reverse a route:

  • Open or create a route that has at least two points.

  • Turn off GPS tracking by clicking Start/stop GPS tracking in the GPS task pane.

    Note   You have turned off GPS tracking if the check boxes and radio buttons below Start/stop GPS tracking are gray and cannot be selected.

To reverse a route

  1. On the Route menu, click Route planner.

    – or –

    On the Standard toolbar, click Route planner.

  2. In the Route planner pane, click Reverse route.

Note   You can also press CTRL+SHIFT+R to reverse the currently displayed route without opening the Route planner pane.

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