Configuring Surface Vehicle Traffic

This document describes the format of the living world configuration file (lwcfg.xml), which specifies which models are used for freeway traffic, airport ground vehicle traffic, and recreational boat traffic.

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  • The Lwcfg.xml File

The Lwcfg.xml File

LivingWorldRegion The world is divided into regions, described in the Terrain and Scenery documentation, each region is identified by a single letter of the alphabet.
Note that the RightSideDrive setting is not implemented.
<LivingWorldRegion RegionID="A" RightSideDrive="TRUE">
<!-- Europe Germanic -->



FreewayTraffic Section describing the list of models that will appear on the regions freeways.Refer to the Terrain and Scenery documentation section on Vector Data for details on how a freeway is defined.
The TrafficSpeed setting is in kilometers per hour, and the traffic will keep within 10% of this value when following other traffic.
<FreewayTraffic TrafficSpeed="100">
<!-- list of model entries --!>


ModelEntry One ModelEntry should be made for every model of a vehicle that might appear on the freeway. The model is identified by its GUID. The EntryWeight determines how often that vehicle is to appear compared with others. A value of 1 is the lowest weight that can be given. The higher the value the greater the use of the model. The actual number of times it appears depends on the number of models, and the total value of their EntryWeights. <ModelEntry ModelID="{f3b82b48-30bb-4921-8d20-bf422a0b5059}" EntryWeight="6"/>
<!-- VEH_Land_Car_Mini1_Black -->
Airport Five types of vehicle can appear at an airport: pushback tugs, fuel trucks, ambient traffic, baggage carts, and baggage loaders. This traffic will move around the aircraft parking spaces of the airport. <Airport> <PushbackTugs>

PushbackTugs Pushback tug entries differ slightly from the other four types of traffic, in that the model is identified simply by its GUID. <PushbackTugs>
<ModelEntry ModelID="{82a2760f-2871-4933-85c5-7b8125189edf}" EntryWeight="5"/>
<ModelEntry ModelID="{d7c80684-24e2-4137-a911-9772228f7101}" EntryWeight="5"/>
These four types of airport traffic reference container folders that contain details of the vehicle. The same file structure is used for aircraft and most simulated objects, see Simulation Object Configuration Files. <FuelTrucks>
<ContainerEntry ContainerTitle="Veh_Air_Fueltruck_2_sm" EntryWeight="8"/>
InlandBoats is currently the only section that can appear within the Boats section.
The InlandBoats section contains details on the recreational boat traffic that will appear in coastal waters and inland lakes. The amount of boat traffic will depend on the size of the body of water, and is scaled by the size of the local population.
See Simulation Object Configuration Files for details on how to define a model boat.

<ContainerEntry ContainerTitle="PBoat_22ft_Blackstripe_sm" EntryWeight="12"/>