RibbonSplitButtonGallery Constructor (String, ICommandId, Object, ICommandId, IEnumerable<RibbonGalleryCategory>, ImageSource, ImageSource)

Applies to v2.

Initializes a new instance of the RibbonSplitButtonGallery class.

Namespace:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility
Assembly:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility (in Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.dll)


Public Sub New ( _
    label As String, _
    commandId As ICommandId, _
    commandParameter As Object, _
    galleryCommandId As ICommandId, _
    categories As IEnumerable(Of RibbonGalleryCategory), _
    smallImage As ImageSource, _
    largeImage As ImageSource _
Dim label As String 
Dim commandId As ICommandId 
Dim commandParameter As Object 
Dim galleryCommandId As ICommandId 
Dim categories As IEnumerable(Of RibbonGalleryCategory)
Dim smallImage As ImageSource 
Dim largeImage As ImageSource 

Dim instance As New RibbonSplitButtonGallery(label, commandId, _
    commandParameter, galleryCommandId, _
    categories, smallImage, largeImage)
public RibbonSplitButtonGallery(
    string label,
    ICommandId commandId,
    Object commandParameter,
    ICommandId galleryCommandId,
    IEnumerable<RibbonGalleryCategory> categories,
    ImageSource smallImage,
    ImageSource largeImage
    String^ label, 
    ICommandId^ commandId, 
    Object^ commandParameter, 
    ICommandId^ galleryCommandId, 
    IEnumerable<RibbonGalleryCategory^>^ categories, 
    ImageSource^ smallImage, 
    ImageSource^ largeImage
new : 
        label:string * 
        commandId:ICommandId * 
        commandParameter:Object * 
        galleryCommandId:ICommandId * 
        categories:IEnumerable<RibbonGalleryCategory> * 
        smallImage:ImageSource * 
        largeImage:ImageSource -> RibbonSplitButtonGallery
public function RibbonSplitButtonGallery(
    label : String, 
    commandId : ICommandId, 
    commandParameter : Object, 
    galleryCommandId : ICommandId, 
    categories : IEnumerable<RibbonGalleryCategory>, 
    smallImage : ImageSource, 
    largeImage : ImageSource


  • commandParameter
    Type: System.Object

    A command parameter for command.

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