IEditorSelection.GoTo Method

Applies to v2.

Creates a selection from a staring offset to the number of characters to select.

Namespace:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.Editor
Assembly:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility (in Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.dll)


Sub GoTo ( _
    line As Integer, _
    offsetFromStart As Integer, _
    length As Integer _
Dim instance As IEditorSelection 
Dim line As Integer 
Dim offsetFromStart As Integer 
Dim length As Integer

instance.GoTo(line, offsetFromStart, length)
void GoTo(
    int line,
    int offsetFromStart,
    int length
void GoTo(
    int line, 
    int offsetFromStart, 
    int length
abstract GoTo : 
        line:int * 
        offsetFromStart:int * 
        length:int -> unit
function GoTo(
    line : int, 
    offsetFromStart : int, 
    length : int


  • offsetFromStart
    Type: System.Int32

    Offset from the beginning of "line"

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