Management Agent for Windows NT 4.0

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP1

Use the management agent for Windows NT 4.0 to synchronize with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 domains.


Available in Identity Integration Feature Pack for Microsoft® Windows Server™ Active Directory® (IIFP)


Management agent type


Supported connected data source versions

  • Windows NT 4.0

MIIS 2003 features supported

  • Password management

  • Full import

  • Export


Windows NT 4 is no longer supported by Microsoft. For additional information about the support lifecycle for NT 4, see

Schema Information

The schema is generated based on a fixed schema that models the database structure. Refresh schema is not available for this management agent, because it uses a static schema that cannot be changed.


  • If you want to use Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 to synchronize multiple Windows NT 4.0 domains, create a management agent for each domain.

  • The Windows NT 4.0 management agent does not support administrative credentials that use a blank password value in the Connect to Domain page.

  • For certain scenarios in which one or more management agents for Windows NT 4.0 are run concurrently with each other, or with password set operations, there is a possibility for authentication conflicts that will prevent the management agent from running completely. Avoid the following scenarios:

    • Running concurrent password set operations that use a management agent for Windows NT 4.0 or that use different Windows NT 4.0 management agents that target the same domain.

    • Running a management agent for Windows NT 4.0 and password set operations concurrently.

    • Running multiple management agents for Windows NT 4.0 that target the same domain concurrently.

    • Running password set operations on one Windows NT 4.0 management agent and running another management agent for Windows NT 4.0 that targets the same domain.

    In these scenarios, the following message will be logged in Event Viewer: "The server encountered an unexpected error while performing an operation for a management agent."

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