Management Agent for Novell eDirectory

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP1

Use the management agent for Novell eDirectory to synchronize data from MIIS 2003 with Novell eDirectory.


Available in Identity Integration Feature Pack for Microsoft® Windows Server™ Active Directory® (IIFP)


Management agent type


Supported connected data source versions

  • Novell eDirectory version 8.6.2

  • Novell eDirectory version 8.7

  • Novell eDirectory version 8.7.3

MIIS 2003 features supported

  • Password management

  • Full import

  • Export

Schema Information

The schema is generated based on the dynamic discovery of the data source by the management agent. When you refresh the schema for this management agent, the connected data source schema is rediscovered, the current management agent schema is updated, and then Management Agent Designer starts. In Management Agent Designer, you can correct any inconsistencies introduced by the updated schema, such as deleted object types or deleted attributes.


  • Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 uses LDAP to communicate with Novell eDirectory. To successfully discover data, replicas of all the data should be put on the LDAP server, and should only use read-only and read-write partitions. Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 cannot successfully discover data on LDAP servers that use subreferences and/or include filtered-read-only or filtered-read-write partitions.

  • It is not necessary for a Novell eDirectory client to be installed on the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 server.

  • If you are using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) or SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer), use ConsoleOne to make sure that both SSL and SASL are enabled on the server running Novell eDirectory. When using ConsoleOne, check the LDAP Server object in your eDirectory tree to make sure LDAP Enable SSL is set to TRUE and that there is not an LDAP SSL port conflict.


    If you are running the management agent for Novell eDirectory on a Windows Server® 2008 operating system, Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 will be unable to connect to Novell eDirectory version 8.6.2 through SSL. If you require SSL connectivity, it is recommended that you upgrade your version of eDirectory.

  • You are not required to install Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 on the server running Novell eDirectory.

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