Applies To: Forefront Identity Manager 2010

This is an example of a Windows PowerShell function that creates a new Person resource in the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) Service database. For more information, see FIM Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Examples.

CreatePerson Function

This function creates a new ImportObject object based on a Person resource type. It then uses the SetSingleValue function to add attributes to the object based on the function parameters. The function takes FirstName, LastName, AccountName, Domain, Email, and optional Uri parameters. The DisplayName of the Person is set automatically to be a combination of the FirstName and LastName parameters. The new Person is added to the FIM Service using the Import-FIMConfig cmdlet.

function CreatePerson
    PARAM($FirstName, $LastName, $AccountName, $Domain, $Email, $Uri = $DefaultUri)
        $DisplayName = [System.String]::Format("{0} {1}", $FirstName, $LastName)
        $NewPerson = CreateImportObject -ObjectType "Person"
        SetSingleValue $NewPerson "FirstName" $FirstName
        SetSingleValue $NewPerson "LastName" $LastName
        SetSingleValue $NewPerson "DisplayName" $DisplayName
        SetSingleValue $NewPerson "AccountName" $AccountName
        SetSingleValue $NewPerson "Domain" $Domain
        SetSingleValue $NewPerson "Email" $Email
        $UserSid = GetSidAsBase64 -AccountName $AccountName -Domain $Domain
        SetSingleValue $NewPerson "ObjectSID" $UserSid
        $NewPerson | Import-FIMConfig -Uri $Uri

The previous code assumes that the following variable is included in the script that contains the CreatePerson function:

$DefaultUri = "http://localhost:5725"


You can modify this function to add values to additional attributes of the Person resource or initialize attributes with default values. You can use this function as part of the Windows PowerShell script that creates Person objects as part of a bulk import.

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