Step 8: Verify the Extensibility

Verifying the group extensibility consists of the following:

  • Verify the Group Extension Test Report

Verify the Group Extension Test Report

Use the Service Manager Console to verify the Group Extension Test Report. This is a new report that was imported when we ran the Import-FIMReportingReport PowerShell command. This report is an extension of the Group Membership Change History report and it adds the Entitlements and Tier columns.

To Verify the Group Membership Change History

  1. Log on to FIM1 as CORP\Administrator.

  2. Click Start, select All Programs, select Microsoft System Center and select Service Manager Console. This will launch the Service Manager Console. This may take a moment.

  3. It may take a moment for Reporting to populate. Once it does, in the Service Manager Console, at the bottom on the left, click Reporting.

  4. Reporting should appear at the top, on the left. Click Forefront Identity Manager Reporting. This will populate reports in the center.

    Group Extension Test Report

  5. In the center, click Group Extension Test Report and on the right, under Tasks click Run Report. This may take a moment but the report should come up and be similar to the screenshot below.

    Group Extension Test Report2

  6. Verify that there are two new columns, Group Entitlements and Group Tier. They should all have values of Test and 1.


    You may also navigate to and then browse to <System Center> Service Manager > Forefront.IdentityManager.Reproting to view the new report from your web browser.


  7. Close Service Manager Console.