FIM 2010 R2 File Versioning

FIM 2010 R2 File Versioning

The following is a brief topic that explains the file versioning used in Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. FIM 2010 R2 uses the same file versioning that existed with its predecessors, including FIM 2010, ILM, and MIIS. It follows the following convention: The following table defines each of the components that make up the file versioning.

Version component



Indicates major functionality changes


Indicates minor functionality changes


Indicates the number of builds since the beginning of the project.


Internal code used by the product team that does not denote functionality changes.

The following is examples of the file versioning.


Build number


ILM 2007 FP1

The major version is 3.

Forefront Identity Manager 2010


With the next version, the major version went to 4.

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Update 2 with June QFE


Servicelevel is set to 2.

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2


With the R2 release the minor version went to 1

So for FIM 2010 R2 (4.1.2273.0), the major build is 4, the minor build is 1, the build number is 2273 and the serviceLevel is 0.

The following is a list of files which are affected by modifying the product version. These files are found on the FIM 2010 R2 installation media.

File name

Add-ins and extensions.msi

Add-ins and extensions_bg-BG.msi

Add-ins and extensions_cs-CZ.msi

Add-ins and extensions_da-DK.msi

Add-ins and extensions_de-DE.msi

Add-ins and extensions_el-GR.msi

Add-ins and extensions_es-ES.msi

Add-ins and extensions_et-EE.msi

Add-ins and extensions_fi-FI.msi

Add-ins and extensions_fr-FR.msi

Add-ins and extensions_hi-IN.msi

Add-ins and extensions_hr-HR.msi

Add-ins and extensions_hu-HU.msi

Add-ins and extensions_it-IT.msi

Add-ins and extensions_ja-JP.msi

Add-ins and extensions_ko-KR.msi

Add-ins and extensions_lt-LT.msi

Add-ins and extensions_lv-LV.msi

Add-ins and extensions_nb-NO.msi

Add-ins and extensions_nl-NL.msi

Add-ins and extensions_pl-PL.msi

Add-ins and extensions_pt-BR.msi

Add-ins and extensions_pt-PT.msi

Add-ins and extensions_ro-RO.msi

Add-ins and extensions_ru-RU.msi

Add-ins and extensions_sk-SK.msi

Add-ins and extensions_sl-SI.msi

Add-ins and extensions_sr-latn-CS.msi

Add-ins and extensions_sv-SE.msi

Add-ins and extensions_th-TH.msi

Add-ins and extensions_tr-TR.msi

Add-ins and extensions_uk-UA.msi

Add-ins and extensions_zh-CN.msi

Add-ins and extensions_zh-TW.msi

Certificate Management-de-DE.msi

Certificate Management-es-ES.msi

Certificate Management-fr-FR.msi

Certificate Management-it-IT.msi

Certificate Management-ja-JP.msi

Certificate Management-nl-NL.msi

Certificate Management-pt-PT.msi

Certificate Management-zh-CN.msi

Certificate Management-zh-TW.msi

Certificate Management.msi

CM Bulk Client-de-DE.msi

CM Bulk Client-es-ES.msi

CM Bulk Client-fr-FR.msi

CM Bulk Client-it-IT.msi

CM Bulk Client-ja-JP.msi

CM Bulk Client-nl-NL.msi

CM Bulk Client-pt-PT.msi

CM Bulk Client-zh-CN.msi

CM Bulk Client-zh-TW.msi

CM Bulk Client.msi

CM Client-de-DE.msi

CM Client-es-ES.msi

CM Client-fr-FR.msi

CM Client-it-IT.msi

CM Client-ja-JP.msi

CM Client-nl-NL.msi

CM Client-pt-PT.msi

CM Client-zh-CN.msi

CM Client-zh-TW.msi

CM Client.msi

Password Change Notification Service.msi

Service and Portal.msi

Synchronization Service.msi