Configure Search Results Column Settings in Search Connector Space

For this procedure, in Search Connector Space, you can configure the columns displayed in the Search Results window. By selecting columns, you can view nearly any connector space object property, value, error, or status. To complete this procedure, you must be logged on as a member of the FIMSyncAdmins security group.

To configure Search Results column settings in Search Connector Space

  1. On the Tools menu, click Management Agents.

  2. In Management Agents, click a management agent with an associated connector space.

  3. On the Actions menu, click Search Connector Space.

  4. In Search Results, click Column Settings.

  5. In Search Results Column Settings, select a property tab, and then do any of the following:

    • To add an additional attribute column, in Available Columns, click the attribute column you want to add, and then click Add.

    • To remove an attribute column, in Selected Columns, click the attribute columns you want remove, and then click Remove.

    • To change the order of displayed columns, in Selected Columns, click the attribute column you want to move, and then click the up or down arrow.


To select multiple columns, in Selected Columns, click a column, press CTRL or SHIFT, and then click any additional columns.

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