CheckedListBox Constructor (IHostItemProvider, IRuntimeServiceProvider, String, String, Object, String) (2003 System)

This API supports the Visual Studio Tools for Office infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.Controls
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word (in Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.dll)


Public Sub New ( _
    hostItemProvider As IHostItemProvider, _
    runtimeServiceProvider As IRuntimeServiceProvider, _
    primaryCookie As String, _
    extenderCookie As String, _
    container As Object, _
    identifier As String _
Dim hostItemProvider As IHostItemProvider
Dim runtimeServiceProvider As IRuntimeServiceProvider
Dim primaryCookie As String
Dim extenderCookie As String
Dim container As Object
Dim identifier As String

Dim instance As New CheckedListBox(hostItemProvider, _
    runtimeServiceProvider, primaryCookie, _
    extenderCookie, container, identifier)
public CheckedListBox(
    IHostItemProvider hostItemProvider,
    IRuntimeServiceProvider runtimeServiceProvider,
    string primaryCookie,
    string extenderCookie,
    Object container,
    string identifier



Do not use the New constructor to create a new CheckedListBox. Use the AddCheckedListBox method to add a new CheckedListBox to the document. For more information, see Adding Controls to Office Documents at Run Time.


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