Querying for Work Items

To locate work items in your team project, you use searches, or queries. Work item queries are available in Team Explorer from the Work Items node of your team project. You can target your search by looking for specific values in the fields on the work item form using query clauses. You can search for one specific field value, or create more complex queries that involve several query clauses.

Work item queries are stored in the Team Foundation database for the team project. You can also save a query to a file, and then copy or mail the query to anyone with access to Team Foundation Server and the team project. Query files have the file extension .wiq.

Query Types

There are two types of queries you can use in Team Foundation Server: Team Queries and My Queries. Both queries are stored on the Team Foundation Server.

  • Team Queries   These queries are available to everyone in your team project. Team Queries can only be created and modified by people who have been given permission to create them by your team project administrator.

  • My Queries   These queries are available only to you. For more information, see Creating New Work Item Queries.

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