Common Tasks Across Distributed System Designers 

In Distributed System Designers, certain tasks are common across all distributed system diagrams.

In This Section

Viewing Distributed System Diagrams

Contains topics about navigating and managing diagrams.

How to: Add Comments to Distributed System Diagrams

Describes how to add comments to diagrams.

How to: Export Distributed System Diagrams to Other Documents

Describes how to export diagrams or diagram items to other documents.

How to: Copy Between Solutions or Instances of Visual Studio

Describes how to copy items on diagrams between solutions or instances of Visual Studio.

How to: Change Culture Codes for System Definition Model (SDM) Documents

Describes how to change culture code attributes on diagrams and other System Definition Model (SDM) documents.

How to: Configure Print Settings for Distributed System Diagrams

Describes how to configure print settings for diagrams.


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Common Tasks Across Distributed System Designers