Implementing Applications on Application Diagrams 

In Application Designer, you can implement applications at any time to generate a skeleton implementation, which includes the appropriate projects for those applications. These projects can include code or class files, configuration files, and any other resources needed to continue defining applications in code.

In This Section

Considerations for Implementing Applications

Describes considerations to make before implementing applications.

How to: Change Project Names for Applications

Describes how to change the names of projects generated for applications.

How to: Choose Web Site Type for ASP.NET Applications

Describes how to choose the Web site type (file system-based or HTTP-based) for ASP.NET applications.

Assigning Project Templates to Applications on Application Diagrams

Contains topics about choosing project templates used to generate projects for applications.

How to: Implement Applications on Application Diagrams

Describes how to generate a skeleton implementation to continue defining applications in code.

Getting Started with Distributed System Designers

Introduces Distributed System Designers, common tasks performed across designers, accessibility information, and walkthroughs.

Designing Applications with Application Designer

Introduces Application Designer, which you can use to design, configure, and connect applications within a solution.

Defining Applications on Application Diagrams

Contains topics about designing applications using Application Designer and the application diagram in your solution.

Defining Communication Pathways on Application Diagrams

Contains topics about describing how to configure connections between applications in the development environment.

Troubleshooting Application Diagrams

Describes and helps resolve issues that can affect application diagrams and other items in the solution.

Common Tasks Across Distributed System Designers

Describes common tasks you can perform across designers in Distributed System Designers.

Distributed System Designer Walkthroughs

Provides walkthroughs through core tasks you can perform using Distributed System Designers.