Visio for Enterprise Architects 

Visio for Enterprise Architects is included in MSDN Premium Subscription, which is available with Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Team System role-based editions. In addition to all the features in Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003, with Visio for Enterprise Architects you can perform round-trip engineering on software with the UML Model diagram, and on databases with the Database, ER, and ORM Source Model diagrams.

Visio for Enterprise Architects is a separate program from Visual Studio. To use round-trip engineering, install Visual Studio and then install Visio for Enterprise Architects. Both programs must be installed on the same machine.

Accessing Visio for Enterprise Architects

There are two ways to access Visio for Enterprise Architects after it is installed. You can start it as a stand-alone program from the Start menu, or you can start it from within Visual Studio. To start it from within Visual Studio, open a project from Solution Explorer, from the Project menu point to Visio UML, and then click Reverse Engineer. This starts Visio for Enterprise Architects, reverse engineers the project you have open, and saves the diagram to your solution folder.

For procedural information about starting Visio for Enterprise Architects, see How to: Create a UML Diagram from Visual Studio.

Specific information about using Visio is not provided in the Visual Studio help collection. For more information about using Visio for Enterprise Architects as a separate program, open Visio for Enterprise Architects, open one of the Visio for Enterprise Architect templates (Database, UML, ER, and ORM Source Model diagrams) and from the Help menu, click Visio for Enterprise Architects Help.

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