Test Results and Analysis

When you run tests, results are automatically generated, saved to disk, and displayed in the Test Results window. For most test types, you can also obtain more in-depth results, such as code-coverage data.

Test results are also saved to your computer's hard disk when you run tests. If your team is using a Team Foundation Server team project to help manage its work, you can also publish test results; after publication, they can be merged with other data and used in reports.

This section of the documentation describes how to view test results both quickly and in-depth, and how to save, retrieve, delete, and publish them.

In This Section

  • Obtaining Test Results
    Describes how to run tests to automatically produce test results, save them to disk, and display result summaries in the Test Results window.
  • Creating and Editing Tests
    Provides links to topics describing how you can create or edit tests of most types by using the tools provided by Team Edition for Testers.
  • Running Tests
    Provides links to topics describing how you can start running any type of test.

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