Upgrade for Visual Basic 6.0 Users (How Do I in Visual Basic Express)

This page provides links to help on getting started with Visual Basic 2008 for developers who have previous experience with Visual Basic 6.0. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual Basic Express.


If you are using Visual Basic Express, some of the Help links on this page may be unavailable, depending on the options that you chose during installation. For more information, see Troubleshooting Visual Basic Express.

Getting Started in Visual Basic Express

Visual Basic Express includes tools for upgrading your Visual Basic 6.0 program. This includes an Upgrade Wizard.

Upgrade a Visual Basic 6.0 Application

Work with Data

MSDN Library for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions—Learn the .NET Framework

The following topics in the Library are designed to help you learn about the .NET Framework. To use these links, you have to have the MSDN Library for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions installed, or have access to MSDN Online library.

Other Resources

The following Web sites are excellent resources for finding more information, seeing what other Express users are doing, and remaining a part of the Visual Basic Express community as it grows.

  • Visual Basic Developer Center
    Central location for information about Visual Basic. Includes case studies, new tools, and other downloads.

  • Beginner Developer Learning Center
    Central location for learning materials for the beginner developer. Includes video tutorials, articles, the How-To Reference Library, and Kid's Corner.

  • Coding4Fun
    Includes lots of articles and coding tips for the Visual Basic Express developer.

  • Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center
    Provides extra help for developers who want to upgrade Visual Basic 6.0 applications.

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How Do I in Visual Basic Express