New Team Project Wizard

Use the New Team Project Wizard to create a new team project. The New Team Project Wizard is launched either from the File menu or from within Team Explorer and displays multiple pages for specifying settings for the new team project. The wizard will ask you for:

  • The name of the team project.

  • The process template to be used when creating the team project.

The wizard will also ask you for other information, depending on the process template you chose while running the wizard. For example, if you use the MSF for Agile Software Development process template to create the team project, the wizard will also ask you for:

  • The title of the team project portal, if different from the team project name.

  • A description of the team project portal.

  • Whether and how to set up the source control folder for the team project.

When you click Finish on the last page of the wizard, the wizard uses your settings to create the necessary components for Team Foundation Server.


Before you can run the New Team Project Wizard, the permissions set on your user account must include authorization to Create new projects.

The process of creating all the components may take several minutes to complete. During this time, the wizard reads the instructions contained in the process template and then creates and configures the items specified. For example, you do not need to specify in the wizard any details about the various types of work items to be created because the instructions are already provided by the process template. If the wizard encounters a problem while creating the new team project, you will see an error message describing the problem and suggesting corrective action.

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