Work Item Type Definition Localization and Globalization

Some parts of the work item type definition can be localized so that they appear in the users’ native language. Keep in mind when you design a work item that work item settings reside on the server and need not honor the language preferences of users.

This section discusses what can and cannot be localized. Anything not explicitly shown in the following table cannot be localized.

Example Description

<WORKITEMTYPE name="bug">

The value of the name attribute can be localized.

<DESCRIPTION>Work item descriptive text here</DESCRIPTION>

The work item type description can be localized.

<FIELD refname="System.Title" name="Title" type="String">

The field reference name and type are not localizable. The value of the field name attribute can be localized. Keep in mind that the name you pick for a field will be used in all clients of any particular Team Foundation Server. Also keep in mind that users will see field names while they construct work item type queries.

<HELPTEXT>This is a work item for bugs</HELPTEXT>

The Help text for fields can be localized. This text applies per work item type which is per team project.

<LISTITEM value="My Value">

Any string value can be localized.

<STATE value="Active" />

<STATE value="Complete" />

<TRANSITION from="Active" to="Complete">

<REASON value="No Plans to Fix"/>

State and reason names can be localized.

<CONTROL FieldName="Found In Build" Label="Found In" LabelPosition="Top"/>

When defining forms, you can label groups, tabs, and fields on the form. These items can all be localized.

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