Associating a State Transition with an Action

You can use state transition actions to automate transitions of work items at various points in their workflow. For example, a Team Foundation Server version control system must support automatic transitions of work items at check-in time. To support this, a "microsoft.vsts.actions.checkin" action has been defined.

A work item type author can define a "Defect" work item type that has a state called "Working" and use this work item when a developer is making changes. The work item type author can define another state called "Ready To Build," which means that the developer has declared the code that was affected by the defect to be ready for the nightly build.

The author can automatically transition the work item from the "Working" state to the "Ready To Build" state during a check-in operation by declaring the following:

<TRANSITION from="Working" to="Ready To Build">
<ACTION value="microsoft.vsts.actions.checkin"/>

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