FormulaFieldDefinition Members

Provides properties and methods for retrieving information and setting options for any named formula field in a report.

The following tables list the members exposed by the FormulaFieldDefinition type.

Public Properties

Property Description
Public property FormulaName (Inherited from FieldDefinition.) Gets the field definition unique formula name in Crystal Report formula syntax.
Public property Kind (Inherited from FieldDefinition.) Gets the kind of field.
Public property Name (Inherited from FieldDefinition.) Gets the object's name.
Public property NumberOfBytes (Inherited from FieldDefinition.) Gets the number of bytes required to store the field data in memory.
Public property Text  Gets or sets the text of the formula.
Public property UseCount (Inherited from FieldDefinition.) Obsolete. Gets the number of times a field is used in a report.
Public property ValueType (Inherited from FieldDefinition.) Gets the type of field value.


Public Methods

Method Description
Public method Check  Checks the formula. If there is a syntax error it returns an error string and false.


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