LineStyle Enumeration

Specifies the bottom, left, right, and top line styles in the BottomLineStyle, LeftLineStyle, RightLineStyle, and TopLineStyle properties of the Border class and the DrawingObject class, including all classes derived from DrawingObject.

Namespace CrystalDecisions.Shared Assembly CrystalDecisions.Shared (CrystalDecisions.Shared.dll)


<SerializableAttribute> _
Public NotInheritable Enumeration LineStyle
    Inherits Enum
    Implements IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible
public sealed enumeration LineStyle : Enum, IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Member Description
BlankLine Line is invisible.
DashLine Line is dashed.
DotLine Line is dotted.
DoubleLine Line is doubled.
NoLine No line type specified.
SingleLine Line is single.

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Version Information

Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008

Supported since: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2002

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