Customizing Process Templates

Process templates define key aspects of a team project that affect how a team works. By customizing a process template, you can define the following security options to control your team project.

  • Define the templates that are available on the project portal.

  • Define and require source code control check-in notes.

  • Define the available work item types and queries.

  • Define reports to monitor progress and report status.

  • Define the iterations and organizational units that are used.

Process templates define the initial process settings for a team project. Most process settings can be customized after a team project is created.

In This Section

  • Process Template Architecture
    Describes the three key pieces of the process template architecture: process template plug-ins, New Team Project Wizard, and XML process definition files.
  • Process Template Key Concepts
    Describes the three key concepts about process template customization and provides links to the topics that address these concepts.
  • Process Template Plug-Ins
    Describes process template plug-ins and provides links to the topics that describe the six plug-ins provided with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System.
  • Updating a Customized Process Template
    Describes how to update a customized process template so that it is based on the latest version of MSF for Agile Software Development or MSF for CMMI Process Improvement.

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