Work Item Tracking

The Work Item Tracking Plug-in defines a team project's initial work item types, queries, and work item instances. The plug-in name is Microsoft.ProjectCreationWizard.WorkItemTracking. The Work Item Tracking XML file is named workitems.xml and is located in the Work Item Tracking folder in the process template folder hierarchy. You can change the XML file and folder name if necessary.

In the XML file, specify one or more tasks and their dependencies. There are three key types of tasks to specify: work item types, work item queries, and work item instances.


Team Foundation Server does not include a mechanism for the deployment of client-side plug-ins, policies, or other modifications. If you want to deploy plug-ins, policies, or other modifications to the Team Foundation client, you must use your own distribution and installation program.

In This Section

  • Work Item Types
    Describes work item types and how to include work item types in the process template by creating tasks in the workitems.xml file.
  • How to: Add a Query to a Process Template
    Describes where to specify a work item query using Team Explorer and how to save the query to a .wiq file. Also gives an XML example of how to include work item queries in a process template by creating tasks in workitems.xml.
  • Work Item Instances
    Describes how to specify an initial set of work item instances that are already created when team member begin working.

How to: Verify Work Item Type Definition Changes

Customizing Work Item Types

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