Defining Work Item Type Fields

Work Item forms use fields to display data, or to let users input data or select options. You control the appearance and behavior of fields on work item forms by defining those fields in the work item type definition.

In the work item type definition, define a field by specifying a name, a reference name, and a type. Fields can also be defined to include Help text, to follow rules, and to exhibit specific reporting behavior.


<FIELD refname="System.Title" name="Headline" type="String" reportable="Dimension">
<!-- Field Help Text and Rules go here -->

In This Section

  • Field Types
    Describes the valid field types, such as String, DateType, or HTML.
  • Field Names
    Describes the use of the field name that is the unique, user-visible identifier of a field for Team Foundation Server.
  • Field Reference Names
    Describes the use of field reference names that are globally unique and therefore are portable between Team Foundation Servers. 

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