TF30247: The New Team Project Wizard could not load the plug-in "{0}" for process template "{1}". Select another process template or see the log file for more details.

This error occurs when the New Team Project Wizard is creating a new team project according to the instructions in the selected process template, but the specified third-party plug-in required by the template is not available. There are two conditions that can cause this error:

  • The name of the plug-in is missing or misspelled in the XML process template file.

  • The plug-in is not installed on the local computer.

The following procedures will help you correct the error.

To correct this error if caused by an incorrect process template file

  • If the process template you are using is either MSF for Agile Software Development or MSF for CMMI Process Improvement, then rerun Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and select the Repair option.

    - or

To correct this error if caused by a missing plug-in

  • Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator to have the plug-in installed on your computer, or select a different process template and try again.

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