TF30032: The New Team Project Wizard common structure component could not connect to the Team Foundation Server {0}.

This error occurs when the New Team Project Wizard is unable to connect to the Team Foundation Server {name} while creating a new team project. Possible causes of this error include:

  • The local computer is not connected to the network.

  • The computer network is not operating.

  • The server hosting Team Foundation Server is offline.

  • A critical file is missing from the server.

Because the wizard could not connect to Team Foundation Server, the wizard was unable to create the team project root directory on the server.

To correct this error

  1. Confirm that your local computer is plugged into the network and can access network resources.

  2. Contact the administrator for the Team Foundation Server {name} to confirm that the server is available on the network.

  3. If the server is available on the network, review the team project creation log and follow any instructions provided.

    The log shows each action taken by the wizard at the time of the failure and may include additional details about the error. To open the log:

    1. Open Notepad.

    2. On the File menu, click Open.

    3. Navigate to $:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Temp\ProjectCreation_mm_dd_yyyy_hh_mm_ss.log.

    4. Click Open.

    5. On the Edit menu, click Find.

    6. In the Find what dialog box, type Exception or Error, and then click Find Next.

    7. Review the log entries looking for network or file related issues.

  4. If the problem persists, contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.

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