Distributed System Designer Overviews 

This section contains topics that provide an overview of Distributed System Designers, such as the workflow process through the designers, terminology associated with each designer, topics about the System Definition Model (SDM), and how SDM documents and diagrams interact with each other.

In This Section

Overview of Distributed System Designers

Provides an overview of the tasks that application and infrastructure architects can accomplish using Distributed System Designers.

Workflow Across Distributed System Designers

Describes typical workflow using Distributed System Designers.

Distributed System Designers Terminology Overview

Contains topics that describe terminology associated with Distributed System Designers.

Overview of the System Definition Model (SDM)

Provides an overview of the metamodel underlying Distributed System Designers.

Relationships Between System Definition Model (SDM) Documents

Describes relationships between SDM documents in Distributed System Designers.

Synchronization Across System Definition Model (SDM) Documents

Describes how SDM documents and project files synchronize with each other in Distributed System Designers.

System Definition Model (SDM) Documents Under Source Control

Describes considerations for working with SDM documents under source code control.


Designing Applications with Application Designer

Contains topics about Application Designer, which you can use to define, configure, and connect applications that provide or use services.

Designing Application Systems with System Designer

Contains topics about System Designer, which you can use to design application systems that are composed from applications defined on the application diagram or systems defined on other system diagrams.

Evaluating System Deployment with Deployment Designer

Contains topics about Deployment Designer, which you can use to define and evaluate deployment of a specific application system in a specific target datacenter.

Representing Datacenters with Logical Datacenter Designer

Contains topics about Logical Datacenter Designer, which you can use to represent the run-time environment as a logical representation of a target datacenter.

Distributed System Designers in Team Environments

Contains topics about working with Distributed System Designers in a team environment.

Extending Distributed System Designers

Contains topics about expanding the set of application and logical server types and prototypes that you can use to define applications, endpoints, and logical servers.

Distributed System Designer Samples

Contains samples that support Distributed System Designer walkthroughs.

Distributed System Designer Walkthroughs

Contains walkthroughs for Distributed System Designers.

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