ClearQuest Converter Limitations

Before you start your migration, review the limitations of the ClearQuest converter and how those limitations might affect the users in your organization:

  • The ClearQuest converter does not generate work item fields that are used to integrate with other features in Visual Studio Team System. If you want to use the integration features, you must add fields to the work items after migration. For more information, see Adding Integration Fields in Work Item Types.

  • The converter does not preserve state-based field behavior.

  • The contents of XML files used by the converter are case sensitive. For example, "USERMAP" and "UserMap" are two different strings.

  • The converter does not preserve stateless behavior of stateless records. When stateless records are migrated, they will have a single default state.

  • The converter migrates the unduplicate action in ClearQuest by adding an explicit Un<Action> action in the state transition matrix for each <Action> of type Duplicate. This implementation allows you to undo the state transitions so the work item will go back into the state it was in before being marked as duplicate.

  • The converter migrates e-mail rules, but the semantics of e-mails are not migrated. You must set up e-mail notification rules (called "alerts") in Team Foundation. For more information, see Setting Alerts.

What is Not Migrated

The converter will not support migration of the following:

  • Basic or Perl script-based field rules in ClearQuest.

  • E-mail notification for changes in field values.

  • Field behavior defined on state transition. This includes things such as fields being mandatory or read-only in some states.

  • Delete, Import, or Modify Action in the ClearQuest Schema.

  • Record Type Families in ClearQuest.

  • Checkbox-type UI elements. The converter maps these fields as integer fields. You must restrict the values to 0 and 1 in the schema manually.

  • The mandatory option for referenced entities.

  • Internal system fields that ClearQuest sets automatically. These fields are used by ClearQuest for internal management and hold data that would be useless if migrated.

  • Rules that specify the set of allowed values for fields that identify people.

  • The converter does not follow back-referenced entities for migration. For example, if a ClearQuest entity defect references an entity customer, the entity customer has a back-reference to the entity defect. If the migration query is based on the entity customer, then the back-referenced entity defect is not migrated.

  • The converter cannot migrate work items in which any of the text fields contain unsupported characters. The unsupported characters in hexadecimal code are #x0-#x8, #x10, #xB, #xC, and #xE-#x1F. These are control characters that do not appear in text fields during normal usage. When these characters are encountered by the converter, the error, "There was an error generating the XML document," is raised. The converter will skip the work item and continue to the next work item for migration.

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