Managing Team Foundation Server Sites in Windows SharePoint Services

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services adds Web publishing and project collaboration features to Team Foundation that can improve communication and increase sharing ideas among users who are assigned tasks in team projects. The project portal for your team project provides a central location for storing documents, posting announcements, listing build information, and reporting on your team project status.

You can perform a number of tasks that affect the overall connectivity and performance of a server running Windows SharePoint Services that is configured for Team Foundation. Some of these tasks are performed only on an as-needed basis, for example specifying a connection to a Team Foundation Server which is running Windows SharePoint Services. Other tasks, such as synchronizing Team Foundation users with users in Windows SharePoint Services, may need to be performed regularly.

In addition, you can customize Windows SharePoint Services in a number of ways to better meet the needs of your organization, including customizing documents, listing build information, or reporting; or standardizing process guidance across your organization.

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