How to: Analyze your Visual SourceSafe Database for Migration

The migration process is time-consuming because you are migrating years of source control data. To reduce the time that is required to migrate, and make sure that other teams are not blocked during the migration, you should migrate the sources of one team at a time. If two teams have dependency between their sources, migrate the sources of both teams together, because if you do not migrate sources with dependencies together, the migration can cause data loss. The analysis phase will highlight areas where there are dependencies.

The analysis report gives you some idea about potential data loss. Some of the potential data loss can be prevented by taking some pre migration steps. However, some data loss cannot be prevented because Visual SourceSafe data cannot be mapped to Team Foundation source control.


Before you can analyze your Visual SourceSafe database, you must create a settings file. For more information, see How to: Create a Settings File for Source Control Analysis and Migration.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must have administrative permissions for the Visual SourceSafe database that you will migrate. For more information, see How to: Assign Project Rights.

To analyze a project with the converter

  1. In the folder where you plan to run analysis, at the command prompt, type the following:

    VSSConverter Analyze settings.xml

  2. When you are prompted, provide the Visual SourceSafe administrator password.

    The converter tool displays the status of the pre-conversion analysis. When it is completed, it generates a report and a user mapping file, and saves them in the current directory.

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